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What Is The Difference Between New And Remanufactured Toner Cartridges?

Office supplies forms an important part of any office environment. With the right kind of supplies available to the employees as well as to the organization can help an organization to run smoothly. In fact, the work productivity of the employees won’t get affected. Just like furniture, other necessary supplies that a business might need are paper, printer, and toner cartridges.

When talking about printer and toner cartridges, office supply Toronto store can easily help one out. They can help organizations to choose right toners.


Understanding Two Types of Toner Cartridge

If you have never shopped for office supplies like toner cartridge, you might have come across the term ‘new’, ‘compatible’, and ‘remanufactured’ inks and toner cartridge.

Contrary to what advertisements can suggest, it is important to know what new and remanufactured toner cartridge actually means. Remaining informative can help one to choose the right cartridge for the printers.


New Toners

Well, new toners can be defined as brand new toner cartridge which comes with a seal. The new toners can be manufactured by the same brand whose printer one is using. For instance, the new toner can be manufactured by HP.

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Often, the new toners are available in two forms, such as compatible and OEM versions. According to office supply Toronto, compatible toner cartridge is produced by a third party manufacturer and it is made up of all compatible parts. On the other hand OEM toner cartridges can be made by the respective brand of printer.


Remanufactured Toners

Another term which is often heard by customers is re-manufactured toners. It is basically a used toner cartridge which is refilled with ink. Basically, when all the ink within the cartridge gets finished, it is sent to the re-manufacturing plant. At the plant, the cartridge is refurbished.

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Many office supply Toronto stores purchases these empty cartridges for recycling. Hence, most of the re-manufactured cartridges can be referred to as recycled cartridge.

In case, your organization is planning to buy a re-manufactured cartridge, then one should definitely ask the office supply store whether they have re-chipped the cartridge. The chip helps to track down the number of prints that the device has carried out and how many prints can be carried out before the toner cartridge can be replaced.


Learn the Pro and Cons of Both Types of Toners

Now you know the exact difference between new toners and remanufactured toners, you need to take a look into the pros and cons associated with it.

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According to office supply Toronto, new toners are highly reliable. They can provide high quality prints. Manufacturer of the toner cartridges would provide a warranty for the product. The downside of new toner is that it’s very costly. On the other hand, re-manufactured toner cartridges are very cheap. They can hold a lot of ink within it.  The drawback of re-manufactured toner cartridge is inferior quality parts can be used.

If you need to print lot of documents every day, go for new toners from office supply Toronto. In case, you can’t meet the expense of new toners, settle for remanufactured toners.